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Aby is sick and seems to be worsening. She has been to the pediatrician almost once a week and one trip to Childrens this past Sunday. Today the pediatricians diagnostic theory to be tested is Mycoplasmal Pneumonia. Blood tests have … Continue reading


I got Gas!

Speaking of combustibles. The ol’Katrina seems to have whipped the craw-dads pretty hard down in ‘orleans and those were some major hard working craw-dads. They were in charge of some major fuel production which means that since they have had … Continue reading


Google Talk

Wee IM chat with phone. Google, who is being compared with Micros~1 more and more these days, seems to be coming up with lots of good ideas. (which is why I am confused why they are being compared to MS). … Continue reading


Lagging updates

Five reasons to NOT use Linux This is an article linked up to slashdot. Half way amusing but old news these days. Still thought I would link it up to play antagonist to the Micros~! fans. In other news, I … Continue reading

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System Interupt Request

alt sysrq Continue reading

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