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External Emotions II

In External Emotiuons I wrote that fear is an inhibitor in being open with emotions. However, it is attachment that is the root of the fear. Rhe result of the ridicule, sufraces the fear of losing the attachment to what … Continue reading


Wireless Security

I think I need an oxymoron category. To add to the other standard oxymorons: European Union Military Intelligence Wireless Security Becuase wireless security is an oxymoron, I have not bothered setting any security to my Wireless access point. I don’t … Continue reading

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I can see clearly now

As I think I mentioned, I drove to OKC over the June 10th weekend for my fathers birthday and to see the other family members planning to converge there too. Dave accompanied me on the trip, as he had plans … Continue reading

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rountoit Photo Album Update



snip from Cannonball, by Damien Rice Stones taught me to fly Love taught me to lie Life taught me to die So it’s not hard to fall When you float like a cannonball Sometimes you hear something, and it just … Continue reading

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